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Become a global leader in engineering…

The mission of Mizzou Engineering Study Abroad is to encourage students to pursue academic, leadership and service opportunities around the world.

More is expected of engineers in the 21st century than just a mastery of technical skills. The engineering industry now looks for technically competent engineers with leadership, management, critical thinking and business skills, like empathy and communication, to effectively lead teams of engineers and scientists in global ventures.

Approximately 90 percent of employers value the intercultural skills that studying abroad provides, and 47 percent of employers actually screen for intercultural skills during job interviews.*

Upon successful completion of a Mizzou Engineering Study Abroad program, students will enhance their engineering career profiles to succeed in a competitive global job market.

Mizzou Engineering Study Abroad global experiential learning programs are designed to not delay a students anticipated graduation date:

  • Programs include a wide array of durations, some as little as 10 days and others as long as six weeks.
  • Programs take place during breaks in the academic calendar (summer break, spring break, May-mester, winter intercession).
  • Our programs fulfill either a 3-credit-hour upper-level humanities course or an engineering-specific course, such as Circuit Theory for Engineers, French Alps Nuclear Science & Technology, or Six Sigma Methodology for Engineers.
  • There are 6-week summer options available to help students experience a deeper cultural immersion.
  • Most programs involve pre-departure courses. Students will meet with their program groups regularly leading up to the global site visit. Once enrolled in study abroad, group members will decide on a time to meet each week that will fit into everyone’s schedule.

…without breaking the bank

Did you know you can fund your study abroad trip through your financial aid? Being able to apply financial aid to study abroad costs makes a trip across the globe that much more attainable.

That means less time worrying about how you’ll pay for your trip and more time practicing how to say “Another gelato, please” in Italian.

* NAFSA: Association of International Educators, 2015