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Minor in Computational Neuroscience

Computational neuroscience is becoming an important tool for neuroscientists to understand how complex brain circuits work, for example, the causes of post-traumatic stress disorder. This intersection of engineering and neuroscience allows for great advances in health care, manufacturing and communication.

For this interdisciplinary minor, all students will take BIO SC/ECE 4580 – Computational Neuroscience, and other courses will vary depending on major.

  • The minor  is administered by both the colleges of Arts & Science and Engineering.
  • Any student whose home department is in these colleges may apply.
  • Students can apply for the minor any time, but it’s typically done after freshman year.

Click here to read more information about computational neuroscience.

To Apply

  • Meet with your advisor sophomore/junior year to plan minor courses into your schedule.
  • Complete the necessary course work.
  • Download the application here, fill it out and email it to:
  • It will then appear on your transcript.


Dr. David Schulz

Research Focus
  • Dynamical foundations of neuroscience
  • Computational neuroscience and systems biology
  • Reverse engineering brain circuits