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Promotional art for "Travel with St. Pat"

As the patron saint of engineers, St. Patrick has enjoyed a long history with the MU College of Engineering. The tradition brings Mizzou engineers home to campus from the many places they travel. So, we want you to take St. Patrick on the road and send us your pics out and about with a miniaturized version of him.

How to:

  1. Download and print this mini-St. Patrick.
  2. Cutout both sides.
  3. Attach both sides (blank sides facing) to a handle — Popsicle sticks or thick drinking straws work great.
  4. Take St. Patrick with you on your next road trip or vacation. Take him to some of the world’s most renowned sites, and make sure to take a photo of him with you/your group!

Send us your photos here or share them on Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to tag us, @mizzouengineer, and use the hashtag #MizzouStPat.