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Missouri Honor Awards


In the spring of 1950, Dean Huber O. Croft appointed an awards committee of the faculty of the College of Engineering to study a means of recognizing and honoring the outstanding works of alumni and their colleagues in engineering. The recommended plan is now being followed to award  the ‘Missouri Honor Award for Distinguished Service in Engineering’. The plan was officially recognized by the University of Missouri Board of Curators at its March 8, 1951, meeting.

The award is represented by a bronze medal (3 and 1/2 inches in diameter). The front of the medal is a laurel wreath encasing the words “University of Missouri” and the date. Also on the medal are the recipient’s name and the honor, “for Distinguished Service in Engineering.” On the back are the words, “Engineering Foundation, College of Engineering” and the year in which the award was made. The Columns and the Engineering Building are also depicted on the medal.

About the Award

The awards are presented the Friday evening of Engineers’ Week, typically in mid-March. For each recipient the citation is read, the award is presented and a response is given. The presentation of up to five awards per year may be considered. Both technical organizations and individuals are eligible to receive the awards. Nominations for the awards are received and reviewed by an awards committee of previous recipients. The committee recommends nominations to the faculty for approval. The nominations are then submitted to the MU Chancellor for final approval. The Dean contacts the approved nominees and determines their ability to receive the award and participate in the ceremony.

Nomination Criteria and Form

The award is a means of recognizing and honoring the outstanding contributions of alumni and colleagues in engineering.

Award criteria are as follows:

  • Exceptional efforts by an individual or an organization to foster the professional development of young engineering college graduates,
  • Exceptional ability in the planning and direction of significant and important projects in technical engineering,
  • Exceptional contributions by an individual to technical engineering knowledge, and/or
  • Exceptional contributions by an individual or an organization to insure and enhance the success of the college and its students

To receive consideration, nominations must include:

  1. A completed nomination form
  2. A personal endorsement of the nominee
  3. At least two endorsement letter(s) from colleagues or peers
  4. The nominee’s resume or vita

Nominees must have credentials and accomplishments consistent with the above criteria. Incomplete nominations will not be eligible for consideration. Prior to nominations made during the past two years may be considered. A list of past award recipients can be seen here.

61st Annual Missouri Honor Award for Distinguished Service in Engineering
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