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Information for Business

The University of Missouri College of Engineering offers exceptional business opportunities to corporations, small businesses and startups alike. With the resources to provide research, development, consultation and evaluation services to companies, Mizzou Engineering is continuously looking to expand and grow these partnerships. Let’s collaborate!

Get Expert Help

Joint initiatives add value to your business:

  • No need to invest heavily in research staff
    • R&D can be viewed as a variable cost to be incurred on a just in time or as needed basis
    • MU Engineering can be viewed as a virtual R&D department for your business
  • Instant access to significant knowledge and experience
  • Greater market acceptability — independence if product based on University research
  • New ideas, perspectives and networks
  • Wide variety of research capabilities and facilities

Joint initiatives add value to Mizzou Engineering:

  • New source of research ideas, needs and funding
  • Introduction to product development concepts and practices for younger faculty
  • Better understanding of “corporate culture” allowing for better student career advising, internship and training opportunities for students
  • Attracts additional top-notch research faculty and graduate students

Working with MU offers the ability to reduce your company’s overhead while simultaneously gaining access to significant knowledge and experience from our multidisciplinary capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities. With a wide range of ideas, technologies and products to be discovered, considered and invented, business with Mizzou Engineering has something to offer everyone.