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Henry E. Bent Lectures in Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering Department Seminars in Chemical Engineering are sponsored by the Frank H. Shulte Jr. Endowment for Chemical Engineering in honor of Henry E. Bent, Dean of the MU Graduate School (1938-1966).

All seminars are held from 11 a.m. to noon in Ketcham Auditorium.

Upcoming Seminars

Feb. 28

  • Speaker: Professor Sutapa Barua, Missouri S&T
  • Presentation: Lab-in-a-Particle: Engineering Nanoparticles to Combat Infectious Diseases.

March 14

  • Speaker: Professor Daniel Esposito, Columbia University
  • Presentation: Membrane-Coated Electrocatalysts: Making an old Catalyst do New Tricks

April 18

  • Speaker: Professor Cole DeForest, University of Washington
  • Presentation: User-Programmable Hydrogel Biomaterials to Probe and Direct 4D Stem Cell Fate

April 25

  • Speaker: Dr. Brittany Hartwell, MIT
  • Presentation: Multivalent soluble antigen arrays promote therapeutic efficacy in Multiple Sclerosis

May 2

  • Speaker: Professor Meagan Mauter, Carnegie Mellon University

Previous Seminars (click to expand)

Jan. 24

  • Speaker: Judy Maseles, Mizzou Libraries
  • Presentation: Save time and energy: Maximize your Use of Library Resources

Feb. 7

  • Speaker: Professor Ellen Wan, Mizzou
  • Presentation: Lignocellulose-based Biorefinery for Producing Biofuels and value-added Bioproducts

Feb. 21

  • Speaker: Professor Keith Hohn, Kansas State University
  • Presentation: Catalytic Conversion of 2,3-Butanediol to Fuels and Chemicals