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  • Please pick up your Civil & Environmental Engineering Tentative Registration Form from the reception counter in our department. The instructions are on the form.
  • On or before the first day of early registration for the next semester, make an appointment to see your advisor using the Appointment sheet on their office door.
  • Prior to meeting with your advisor, create a Wish List on myZou indicating the courses you plan to register for, and bring it with you.
  • Please check the 4 Year Degree Plan, Flow Chart, and information on our program to help you create your Wish List. Your advisor’s name is listed on myZou, but if you are unable to find it, please contact the department.
  • Bring the completed and signed Tentative Registration Form to our Department, and we will release your registration hold and give you the yellow copy. The white copy will be put in your student file. You can register for your classes on myZou.
  • If you are planning to graduate in the semester in which you are registering, please confirm with your advisor that by the end of the prior semester that you will have met all your requirements for graduation.