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Course Requirements

Take a total of 30-31 hours for graduate credit

  • At least 15 hours must be 8000-level courses or research (CV_ENG 8990)
  • The remaining courses should be either 7000 or 8000-level courses
  • A one hour graduate seminar may be required for some students

A typical program of study:

  • 8 courses (3 credit hours each) at the appropriate level
  • 6 hours of research (CV_ENG 8990)
  • A 1-hour seminar associated with your specialty area (seminar is not required in all areas; see your academic advisor for details).

Thesis Requirements

All candidates for the Master of Science degree are required to complete a substantial independent effort reflecting some measure of creativity and/or originality and to produce evidence of such effort. This evidence may be a thesis, technical report or design report.

Academic credit allowed for this portion of a student’s program of study shall be for 3 credit hours for a report and 6 credit hours for a thesis.

Students who are funded as research assistants are expected to complete a thesis. The thesis (or dissertation) style should follow the recommendations in the publication “A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations” by Kate L. Turabian, or other approved styles. (A copy of this publication is available at the CE Office for reference.)


It is the student’s responsibility to submit the following forms on time. Exact deadlines are published by the Graduate School approximately one year in advance.