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Marketing & Communications

What we do

We work to promote the College of Engineering and the accomplishments, accolades, initiatives, honors and innovations of its faculty, students and staff. Our purview includes eight-to-nine college-wide e-newsletters throughout the academic year; six departmental and K-12 e-newsletters; and diversity and international e-newsletters. We also handle local media outreach and press releases, and we coordinate with the campus news bureau, Mizzou News, on wider outreach projects.

We work closely with the Dean’s Office, Engineering Advancement and Student Services to help them accomplish their informational and promotional objectives with printed and electronic materials and with the departments on various aspects of their recruitment efforts and events.

Our department oversees and maintains the web presence for the College of Engineering, its departments, centers, faculty and organizations; Naval ROTC and the room reservation system for Lafferre Hall.

We use a generalist philosophy in our daily work and all chip in where necessary to accomplish the task at hand.

Our Staff

Research Focus
  • Web content
  • Social media & teams
  • Department e-newsletters & photography

Research Focus
  • Engineering e-newsletter
  • Printed news articles
  • External communications

Who to contact for…

General communications questions and requests: Danene Brooks

Website questions: Jennifer Hollis

Faculty and Organization websites: Jennifer Hollis

Social media communications: Jennifer Hollis

News and feature stories

Media relations

Printed publication needs: Jennifer Hollis

If you need to be added to the MU ENGR newsgroup (Mizzou Engineering faculty/staff only): Jennifer Hollis

Student team stories and communications: Ryan Owens

File photos: Jennifer Hollis*

*Our collection of photos includes recent, but limited, building and engineering event photos. For older collections, please contact University Archives. For alumni events, please contact Engineering Advancement.