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A Mizzou Engineering Degree

A degree in computer science emphasizes the study of software systems and graphics, computational theories and algorithms, computer organization, networking, and multimedia and programming methodology. Up front this seems like a lot of work. Or maybe it sounds fun to you. Either way, a degree in computer science can be challenging and entertaining for anyone interested. It offers numerous possibilities for future careers, and promises to be every thing that a Mizzou experience should be. 

Students who complete the BS in Computer Science can work for government agencies, academic institutions, or private industry creating and applying new technologies to solve complex problems.

Interdisciplinary experience

Your degree in computer science will be much more than just software and graphics. At Mizzou you’ll get a true, interdisciplinary experience. As part of a campus big enough to have its own zip code (65211), the possibilities are endless. You can still get that more personal feel within your own department, though, by joining an MU Freshman Interest Group (FIG), a specialty group for incoming freshmen. Share classes, a dorm and all of your experiences with a smaller community during your first semesters at Mizzou.

You will also get a chance to work with students from other areas: business, medicine, law, veterinary, just to name a few. Mizzou is one of the few campuses in the nation that offers all of these disciplines on one campus, at one location. And these interdisciplinary opportunities mirror what work will be like in the real world.

It’s what you make of your time at Mizzou

Aside from just getting the knowledge, you’ll have a chance to put it into practice. With 9 different competitive teams you can start to put theory to work by combining your efforts with fellow engineers and students from other majors. All included with your degree. 

How does a student fit in to 25,000 other undergraduate students? Pretty well. This chart shows how students are divided into smaller communities called FIGS (Freshmen Interest Groups).

The College of Engineering gives you access to the tools and technology that help put you above the competition. All 51,000 square feet of undergraduate lab space is available to you. Even choosing an emphasis area can help make your degree that much more applicable. And there’s also the chance for you to do undergraduate research with faculty and graduate students.

The Big Picture

Computer science at Mizzou can teach you how to learn for the rest of your life, an incredibly valuable aspect. You will be equipped with a set of tools that can help you in any career path you choose. Employers look to hire people that will continue to advance, progress and grow. Careers are about continuously working toward goals with ideas that are fresh. Your education at Mizzou is about working toward that degree that will set you up for similar career goals.

We will prepare you all the way up to getting that job. An once we’ve done that, we’ll go one step further. Our Career Services aid in the job search with career fairs, bringing prospective employers directly to campus just to meet you. We offer etiquette workshops and advice on interviewing and salary negotiation, as well. 

BS Computer Science Admission Requirements

Undergraduate incoming freshmen admitted to BS CS with:

  • ACT math score of at least 32, and
  • ACT composite of at least 32, and
  • Top 10 percent of high school class

 Undergraduate transfer from another major or university admitted to BS CS depending on review of the grades in the following classes:

  • Cmp_Sc 1050 Algorithm Design & Programming I
  • Cmp_Sc 2050 Algorithm Design & Programming II
  • Math 1500 Calculus I
  • Math 1700 Calculus II

Graduation Requirements

To receive the BS CS, the candidate must successfully complete

  • 126 semester hours of credit
    • CS course requirements – 60 hours
    • Related math requirements – 22 hours
    • Science course requirements – 12 hours
    • General requirements – 32 hours

*BS graduates with a GPA of 3.0 or better satisfy the undergraduate GPA entrance requirements for graduate work in computer science.

  • Completion of at least 6 hours of mathematics beyond the 13-hour calculus sequence
  • Taking an additional 4000-level math course as a technical elective results in a minor in Math.
    • 9 hours of the course work required for the minor must be completed at University of Missouri
    • Application for the minor must be completed in the math department prior to graduation.
  • Students must get a C-range grade or better in all CS courses that are prerequisites for other CS courses that the student takes.
  • A student must earn an overall grade point average of 2.0 or better
  • A 2.0 grade point average or better in all CS or IT courses