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  • Dual graduate programs are allowed.
  • A CS graduate student wishing to pursue a dual degree in another program should contact the other program and follow their application procedures.
  • A graduate student in another MU program must follow the same application requirements as outside applicants to CS, except that the online Graduate School application is not needed.

Master’s and PhD

  • A CS PhD student may add the CS master’s program to their current doctoral program, and complete the MS degree as they are working toward their PhD.
  • A Master’s student may add”the PhD program through an application process involving
    • A recommendation letter from (typically) the faculty advisor
    • Maintaining a graduate GPA of 3.4
    • Approval by the graduate committee
  • To officially add the master’s or PhD program, submit the Application for Graduate Change of Program, Degree, Emphasis, or Advisor form.

BS/MS Program

  • The Fast-Track BS/MS program is available to CS BS students toward the end of their undergraduate program if they meet certain eligibility requirements.
  • The application process requires fewer application documents than the regular process, and bypasses the online application and fee as well as the GRE.
  • A Fast-Track student could possibly transfer 12 graduate credits taken as an undergraduate into their graduate program.
  • Undergraduate CS students not meeting the Fast-Track GPA or research requirements can certainly apply for CS graduate studies through the standard application process (and possibly transfer some graduate credits as well).