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Peer Mentoring Program

The College of Engineering is partnering with universities in China and India to attract international, undergraduate students to participate in special, CUDP and CAP programs here at MU. There are currently over 100 students completing their Engineering degree at MU as a result of this international collaboration. The College of Engineering is actively seeking similar partnerships with universities in the Middle East at this time.

The program:

The College of Engineering Peer Mentoring Program is an exciting and fun way for US students to learn more about Chinese culture and heritage while making life-long friendships in the process. Chinese students benefit from having a built-in network for social and academic activities while they make the transition from China to Columbia.

Here’s how it works:

Each Chinese student is matched with a US engineering student based on similar interests. The students participate in three or four planned events each semester as well as getting together on their own. The planned events are a mixture of social and cultural activities and include MU football and basketball games, engineering sponsored dances and formal events, events hosted by the Columbia Friends of China Organization, field trips to Missouri attractions, and game nights with authentic Chinese (and American) food.

For the American Students

Besides getting FREE tickets to all events, US students have the opportunity to broaden their horizons beyond the MO borders and find out what it’s like to grow up in China (it’s different and the same!). You have the opportunity to show fellow engineering students all the reasons you love our campus and community, and, of course, it looks great on your resume!


Jill H. Ford
Director of International Student Programs
College of Engineering