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Student Services Inclusivity Board

Who are they?

The Student Services Inclusivity Board was formed in March 2015 as the need arose to develop a unified student response to issues of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status, ability status and any other identity inside the College of Engineering.  We have served as a sounding board for students’ concerns and have been undergoing regular diversity & inclusion training using the campus’ existing resources.  The board is comprised of existing student leaders who have shown outstanding initiative in response to these issues. Together we stand to spread awareness and raise a collective response along with the faculty, staff and students within the College of Engineering.

The group meets once a week and has an all-day training retreat once a semester.

The group is currently made up of representatives from SWE, AOE, oSTEM, SHPE, EWB, MESC, Ambassadors, NSBE, St. Patrick’s Board and students unaffiliated with an organization. There is also one graduate student member. The group is looking to expand and continue to be more representative with each recruiting season.

Members represent many backgrounds such as women, men, white, African-American, international, Latino/Hispanic, LGBTQ, first-generation students, transfer students, student veterans or any other student who feels like they need a voice.

How did it come about?

Women in Engineering and Diversity Programs came together with the purpose of forming a student group focused on diversity and inclusion in March 2015. While the coordinator of the Women in Engineering Center has and continues to serve as an advisor of the group, it is not an advisory board of the center and currently serves as an entity within student services.

What have they done?

  • Successfully proposed an Gender-Neutral restroom for Lafferre Hall
  • Participated in Diversity Peer Educators, Safe Space, Title IX, Green Dot and Venture Out leadership training.
  • Proposed a Center for Diversity and Inclusion within the College of Engineering
  • Wrote a Call to Action document complete with research and proposed solutions to the current perceived college climate