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The undergraduate honors research program offers ECE students research experience akin to that obtained at the graduate level. Students involved with honors research attain access to faculty research labs, work in a collaborative environment, and receive tailored research advising through interaction with ECE faculty and graduate students. It also allows students to receive graduate level credit as an undergraduate.

Academic Honors

To receive academic honors at graduation, an undergraduate student must do all of the following:

  • Demonstrate a 3.0 overall GPA for acceptance into the program (transfer students must have an overall 3.0 or higher GPA average for any transfer credit and MU credit).
  • Maintain and graduate with a 3.0 or higher overall GPA to graduate with Honors and dual-enroll for graduate courses.
  • Identify a faculty member (honors research advisor) in electrical and computer engineering or an ECE faculty member willing to represent the student, if the honors advisor is in another department who will oversee the honors research project.
  • Enroll in and pass “ECE-4995: Honors Research” for up to three (3) credit hours. Expectations and grading policy will be determined by the faculty advisor at the time the course is taken.
  • Write and submit an undergraduate honors thesis, which must be approved by both the honors advisor and a second reader. The approved Undergraduate Honors Research Approval form must be submitted before graduation to receive honors.
  • Follow guidelines according to the College of Engineering Honors Research Program (i.e. a poster or oral presentation of your final research report usually at the MU Spring Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum).

Undergraduate Research

Honors Research Report

It is recommended that students enroll in ECE 4995 at the time they are preparing Honors Research Reports. For students enrolled in ECE-4995 with the honors thesis being the basis of the grade in this course, an undergraduate honors thesis must be submitted and approved through submission of the Undergraduate Honors Research Approval form. The Undergraduate Honors Research Approval  form confirms that the Honors Research advisor and the second reader approve of the thesis submitted. Honors research students should submit the  thesis to both readers before the end of the semester in which the student is enrolled in ECE-4995. Appropriately, it is recommended that students who intend to enroll in ECE-4995 for credit discuss when to enroll with the honors research advisor. The format of the thesis is to be determined by the student and the honors research advisor.


To enroll, students (after their sophomore year) must sign-up for ECE-4995 at the beginning of the semester. For completion, the  Undergraduate Honors Research Approval form is to be provided to the Undergraduate Advisor in ECE along with one copy of the approved thesis by Friday before semester grades are due. [The undergraduate research advisor may prefer a different date prior to the end of the term, but sufficient time should be allowed for the advisor and second reader to review the thesis, as well as time for any needed corrections. ]

Catalog Course Description for ECE 4995:

ECE 4995- Undergraduate Honors Research in Electrical and Computer Engineering (1-3). Independent Investigation or project in electrical or computer engineering to be presented as an undergraduate honors thesis. Prerequisite: Participation in the ECE Honors Program.