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The student selects an adviser or co-advisers, by mutual consent, from doctoral faculty members who are dissertation supervisors in the department or area program in which the major work is planned.

  • In the event that an adviser retires or leaves MU, he/she may continue to serve as a student’s adviser unless there is written academic program policy prohibiting such an arrangement.
  • If an adviser is unable or unwilling to continue to serve, the academic program, with the leadership of the director of graduate studies, will assist to ensure that a replacement is found.

Doctoral Committee

The doctoral program committee

  • approves the student’s plan of study
  • provides a list of the courses and the credit to be earned in each of them.
  • recommends any request for transfer of graduate credit to the Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School

Committee requirements

A doctoral committee

  • must be composed of a minimum of 4 members of the MU graduate faculty
  • must include at least 3 members from the student’s doctoral degree program
  • can include an outside member from a different MU program
  • must include at least 2 MU doctoral faculty
    • Additional committee members with specialized expertise who do not meet the criteria for the MU graduate faculty or doctoral faculty may serve on a doctoral committees as a fifth or sixth member, with special permission of the vice provost/dean of the Graduate School.
  • The committee must be recommended by the student’s adviser and approved by the academic program’s director of graduate studies and the Graduate School before the end of the student’s first year.
  • Either the first or second reader must have a primary academic appointment in ECE.
  • Committee members may call a meeting of the full committee at any time to discuss the student’s progress.


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