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Program of study

Requirements to graduate

  • Complete 30 hours total.
    • At least 12 hours must be 8000-level graded course work (not including ECE 8990, ECE 8085 or ECE 8010)
    • 6 of these hours must be from ECE.
    • At least 15 hours of 7000-level and 8000-level coursework must be from ECE (not including ECE 8990, ECE 8085 or ECE 8010).
    • At most, 3 hours of coursework in Directed Study (ECE 8010) may be taken, and it will be graded on a S/U basis.
    • At least 1 course from each of 3 different emphasis areas, 2 of which are in ECE. (Each ECE graduate course is designated to an emphasis area.)
    • 3-6 hours of research (ECE 8990) or problems (ECE 8085), based on whether the student chooses to write a thesis or a master’s report.
  • Must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA to graduate.
  • Each candidate must complete and defend a thesis or independent project.
  • Requirements must be met within an 8-year period.
  • Seminar Requirement (effective for students first enrolled in Spring 2014 or later): The ECE department will sponsor at least eight seminars per semester. MS/ME students are required to participate in  at least four seminars per semester in at least two semesters prior to graduation.

Transfer credit

  • A maximum of 6 hours of graduate credit may be transferred from another university or UM System campus.
  • A maximum of 8 hours of graduate credit can be used from a previous master’s degree.

 Sample Programs of Study

Download the Sample Programs of Study (PDF) for:

  • Communications and Signal Processing
  • Physical Electronics
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Systems Modeling and Control
  • Nano and Micro Electronics
  • Digital/Computer Systems

These examples illustrate a typical sequence in each of the following research areas and are for use as examples only. Students should work with their advisor to create a specific program of study.


Questions about ECE graduate programs? Email