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Printed Pieces/Graphic Design Request

The College of Engineering Marketing & Communications Office offers assistance with printed pieces and graphic design for departments and divisions within the College.

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How our process works

  1. During our meeting, we will discuss your needs from design to delivery as well as deadlines and printing options.
  2. Estimates may be available before a project is printed, time allowing, in order to help you make the decision of where you want to print.
  3. Changes/edits/updates: You will be allowed up to two rounds of changes/edits/updates while working with us. Changes/edits/updates may be allowed after files have been submitted to the printer(s), but please keep in mind, these often come with an additional cost.
  4. A final draft will be submitted to you or the person in charge of working with us on the printed piece. You are responsible for circulating the draft(s) among everyone in your department who needs to review the piece. We expect all changes to appear on a single printed mockup of the returned final draft.
  5. Return the final draft, with all changes marked. We will review the changes and make a final version of the printed piece, which will be sent straight to the selected printing option.
  6. If you have requested to take care of printing on your own, we will deliver a digital copy of the final product. You/your department is responsible for paying for printing and delivery costs.
  7. If you have requested assistance with printing, we will deliver files and your payment information to the printer agreed upon in previous communication.
  8. If you have requested a proof from the printer, we will instruct the printer to deliver the proof directly to you for review. You will be responsible for contacting the printer to pick up the proof and any additional changes.
  9. We will try to follow up on the specified delivery date to ensure delivery has been made.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Please be prepared with any documents or examples that you would like us to consider when designing your printed piece. Meetings will last approximately one hour.
  2. You or the person in charge of working with us may be required to write text and/or provide photos used for your printed piece. This task will be determined at our preliminary meeting.
  3. Printing and delivery usually takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the nature of the piece. We will work with you to ensure your pieces are delivered on time, but please be aware that tighter deadlines may affect the quality of your printed item. This can be discussed further in our meeting.
  4. We will ensure your printed piece meets the identity standards for the University of Missouri. Any questions about identity standards may be discussed at our meeting or may be found online at