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The dual BS IE/MBA program provides an opportunity for students that want to combine the technical skills of an industrial engineer with a general managerial/business background. The program allows undergraduate students to earn the BS IE in 4 years and the MBA in only one additional year. The combined engineering/business perspective has proved to open additional career opportunities for graduating industrial engineers.

Admission to the Program

Prospective dual-program IMSE students take the GMAT or GRE examination (both are accepted) and apply for the MBA program by the end of February of their junior year. Students may opt for GRE in case they later decide to earn a Masters in Industrial Engineering or another graduate degree.

Admission standards are the same as they are for any other MBA applicant: average GPA of 3.5 and GMAT or GRE score (average GMAT scores for incoming MBA students is 650). A personal statement and resume is also a requirement. The admission decision is made on a rolling basis and, if accepted, the student can pre-register for fall MBA courses during the pre-registration period in March. The GMAT or GRE can be taken any time during the junior year and the grade point average is determined after fall semester grades. Complete information on applying to the MBA program can be found here.



How does a student fit in to 25,000 other undergraduate students? Pretty well. This chart shows how students are divided into smaller communities called FIGS (Freshmen Interest Groups).

You are assigned to a faculty member who is your academic advisor throughout the time you are an industrial engineering student. Your advisor will help you select courses each semester and also provide guidance and help in achieving your academic goals.

Credits Requirements

A total of 14.5 credit hours of the MBA program are waived in the BS IE/MBA program. All of these waivers are based on coursework completed in the BS IE program, except for 1 credit of seminar.

MBA courses that are waived:

Courses Cr Hrs
BA 8040 Seminar Section 3 1
FIN 7410/7420 Managerial Finance 1 and 2 3
MGMT 7400 Managerial Analytics 1.5
MGMT 7410 Management Information Systems 1.5
MGMT 7420 Statistics for Managers 1.5
MGMT 7430 Operations Strategy 1.5
MGMT 7470 Data Analysis for Managers 1.5
MBA Elective 3

BS IE students will take 4 courses (12 credit hours) in the MBA program in their senior year. 6 of these hours replace technical electives in the BS IE degree program; the other 6 will be free electives. Grades earned in the classes count toward the student’s undergraduate grade point average. Below is a sample MBA course schedule for a student’s senior year. However, actual schedule will depend on student’s individual schedule and MBA course offerings.

These courses are:

Name Cr Hrs
ACCT 7310 Managerial Accounting 3
MGMT 7380/7390 Organizational Behavior 1 and 2 3
MKT 7460 Managerial Marketing 1.5
MKT 7470 Advanced Marketing Management 1.5
MBA Elective 3

During the fifth year, students take 30.5 hours of MBA courses. These all are taken for graduate credit and are sufficient to meet the university requirement for a graduate degree. Below is a sample schedule of courses typically taken during a student’s fifth year. Actual schedule will depend on what courses the student was able to take during their senior year.

Name Cr Hrs
BA 7050 Communication 1.5
BA 7340 Ethics and Leadership 1.5
BA 8010 Seminar Section 1 1
BA 8020 Seminar Section 2 1
BA 8500 Field Project 3
FIN 7210 Microeconomics for Business 1.5
FIN 8350 Financial Statement Analysis 1 1.5
MGMT 7970 Intro to Strategy 1.5
MGMT 8970 Strategy and Global Competitiveness 1.5
MBA Electives 16.5