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The IMSE BSIE curriculum also requires 6 hours of technical electives, 3 hours of engineering electives and 6 hours of IMSE electives to be completed.  Technical electives are defined as courses relevant to but not required by the degree program. Examples of approved technical electives include:

  • math courses (beyond the required Math 2300 and required Math 4100)
  • statistics courses (4000+)
  • chemistry courses (beyond required 1310)
  • physics courses (beyond required 2760)
  • computer courses (2000+)
  • economics courses (3000+)
  • engineering courses (beyond required)
  • IMSE elective courses (beyond required)
  • courses from the business school (accounting 2000+, management 3000+, finance 3000+, marketing 3000+, etc.)

All technical electives must be approved by your advisor.