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The dual Master of Science in Industrial Engineering/Master of Business Administration (MS IE/MBA) Program is open to highly qualified individuals who hold a baccalaureate degree in industrial engineering from an accredited college of university. It is designed to serve those students who wish to combine the specialized skills of the industrial engineer with the general knowledge of the professional manager. The complex problems facing today’s organizations often require that the engineer’s analytical ability be applied simultaneously with the manager’s integrative perspective. The dual program has been carefully structured to meet the student’s educational goals while minimizing the course work necessary for obtaining both degrees.

Students must apply to each program separately, and will need approval from each program to enter the dual program. One university application and fee is sufficient, but each program may have additional individual requirements. These individual requirements are available from the programs directly or at their web sites. Students must take the GRE examination for consideration for admission to the dual MS IE and MBA programs.

MSIE/MBA Curriculum
In conjunction with their advisor, each student may arrange their schedule of MS IE/MBA course to meet their individual needs. However, it is generally suggested that dual program students take 9 hours of MS IE courses each of their first 2 semesters. In their second year, they would take about 9 hours each semester of MBA courses and also begin their MS IE thesis. In their third year they would complete MBA course work and their MS IE thesis. They would graduate from both programs when they have completed the requirements for both. Please note a thesis is not required for the MBA program.

Total program requirements include 34 hours of MBA courses and 6 hours of IMSE electives for a total of 40 credits for their MBA and 24 hours of IMSE courses and 6 hours of MBA courses for a total of 30 hours for the MS IE degree. The total number of credit hours for the 2 degrees would be 52.

MBA Program Requirements
Typical MS IE students would waive the following MBA courses based on undergraduate and/or graduate equivalents:

Waived Foundation and Upper Level Courses

  • BA 8010 Seminar 1
  • BA 8040 Seminar 3
  • FIN 7410/7420 Managerial Finance 1 & 2
  • MGMT 7400 Managerial Analytics
  • MGMT 7410 Management Information Systems
  • MGMT 7430 Operations Strategy
  • MGMT 7470 Data Analysis for Managers
  • 4.5 hours of MBA Electives

Required Foundational and Upper Level Courses

  • ACCT 7310 Accounting for Managers
  • BA 7050 Communication
  • BA 7340 Ethics and Leadership
  • BA 8020 Seminar 2
  • BA 8500 Field Project
  • FIN 7210 Microeconomics for Business
  • FIN 8350 Financial Statement Analysis
  • MGMT 7380/7390 Organizational Behavior 1 and 2
  • MGMT 7970 Intro to Strategy
  • MGMT 8970 Strategy and Global Competitiveness
  • MKT 7460 Managerial Marketing
  • MKT 7470 Advanced Marketing Management
  • 12 hours MBA electives 3 hours must be marketing and 3 must be in Finance
  • 6 hours of MS IE credit as MBA electives

MSIE Program Requirements
Students must take 24 hours of IMSE courses and 6 hours of MBA courses for a total of 30 hours for the MS IE degree:

  • IMSE 8110 – Engineering Experimentation (3 credits)
  • 2 core courses in their focus area (6 credits)
  • 1 core course from a different focus area (3 credits)
  • 2 other IMSE courses (6 credits)
  • 6 hours of research credit for their thesis (6 credits)
  • 6 hours of MBA courses (6 credits)

A minimum of 18 hours of IMSE courses will appear on the DM1 Plan of Study as the IMSE degree requirements. They cannot be used as shared credit.

The three focus areas and their cores courses in each are:

  • OR/Systems Science
    • IMSE 8210 Operations Research-Discrete Models
    • IMSE 8230 Operations Research-Stochastic Models
  • Manufacturing and Service Systems
    • IMSE 8310 Advanced Integrated Production Systems
    • IMSE 8550 Advanced CAD/CAM
  • Enterprise Information Systems
    • IMSE 8030 Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Systems
    • IMSE 8410 Advanced Management Information Systems Design
    • IMSE 8730 Strategic Enterprise Management
    • IMSE 8810 Human Factors

Sample Program

  • Semester 1
    • 9 hours of IMSE courses
  • Semester 2
    • 9 hours of IMSE courses
  • Semester 3
    • ACCT 7310
    • MKT 7460/7470
    • MGMT 7970
    • BA 7050
  • Semester 4
    • MGMT 7380/7390
    • MBA elective
    • BA 8500
    • Seminar 2
  • Semester 5
    • FIN 7210
    • FIN 8350
    • BA 7340
    • MBA electives
  • Semester 6
    • MGMT 8970
    • MBA elective
    • IMSE 8990 (6 hrs)

Students in the Dual MS IE/MBA Program are required to file a set of different forms with the Graduate School. These forms are specifically designed for those who are participating in the dual program. Please note that the Plan of Study for the Dual Master’s Degree will contain courses for the first degree, the second degree and shared coursework. Only courses applicable to each degree program should be listed in each of the first 2 categories. The third category (shared coursework) will contain all courses that will count in both degree programs but do not appear in the required course categories for each degree. Since the MBA program does not require a thesis, the Request for Dual Master’s Degree Thesis Committees will only include committee members for the MS IE thesis program. Make sure that you indicate on the form whether IMSE is your primary program or your secondary program and fill out the section of the form that is applicable to that specific program. The Dual Degree Report of the Master’s Examining Committee will only contain the signatures of the master’s thesis committee in IMSE.