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The Master of Science degree requires a master’s thesis that consists of an exhaustive literature review and the extension of existing techniques or the development of new techniques for the solution of an existing problem. The degree consists of a 30 credit hour research-oriented program with 3 focus areas ∼ operations research and statistics, manufacturing/production/service systems, and human and enterprise systems.


Upon the student’s acceptance for advisement into the graduate program of the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, the Director of Graduate Studies will serve as the student’s advisor until the student has selected a research problem or an application area.

MS Course Requirements

The MS thesis program is a 30 credit hour program that includes 24 hours of coursework and 6 hours of research. Students must take IMSE 8110 and 2 core courses in their focus area. In addition, they must take 1 core course from a different focus area. The additional 12 hours of coursework will be made up of approved electives. IMSE 7000-level courses may be accepted for graduate credit with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies. 6 hours of IMSE 8990, Research, are required and may be taken anytime during the course of study in coordination with your advisor. The 3 focus areas and the core courses in each are as follows:

Operations Research and Statistics

IMSE 8210 Operations Research-Discrete Models (3)
Applications of discrete operations research methods, including linear programming, fuzzy sets, integer programming and meta-heuristics. Prerequisite: 4210/7210

IMSE 8230 Operations Research-Stochastic Models (3)
Theory and applications of stochastic processes; includes continuous time Markov chain, Markov decision process, queueing theory and stochastic manufacturing systems. Prerequisite: IMSE 4230/7230

Manufacturing/Production/Service Systems

IMSE 8550 Advanced CAD/CAM (3)
Covers the state-of-the-art in CAD/CAM and explores the latest developments, residual problems and new direction in CAD/CAM. Includes sculptured surface modeling, rapid prototyping and manufacturing, integrated process planning, shape analysis, machine intelligence. Prerequisite: IMSE 4550/7550

IMSE 8310 Advanced Integrated Production Systems (3)
Advanced study of the design and operation of flow shop, job shop and cell-based production systems, including scheduling, layout and material flow issues. Prerequisites: IMSE 4310/7310

Human and Enterprise Systems

IMSE 8810 Human Factors (3)
Human factors inputs, outputs and environment and their influence on design and evaluation of man and machine systems.”

IMSE 8730 Strategic Enterprise Management (3)
Topics including enterprise strategies, process and content models, strategy implementation, value chain analysis, business processes, systems engineering approaches, business process reengineering and dynamic systems modeling.

IMSE 8410 Advanced Management Information Systems Design (3)
Develops requirements for management information, staffing, cost estimating, evaluation and the design of management communication systems; includes case studies. Prerequisites: IMSE 3410


IMSE 8030 Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Systems (3)
The design, regulation, and optimization of manufacturing and supply systems through systems analysis

Program of Study

While a standard set of background requirements and a core program are required of all MSIE students, considerable program flexibility exists. All of the courses appropriate to the student’s concentration area which are to be included in a student’s program should be entered on the program of study form. A minimum of 30 hours with 15 at the 8000 level are required by the Graduate School. The advisor’s signature will indicate approval of all courses listed. It should be noted that although included in the minimum 30 hour requirement for the degree, credit allowed for research, problems and readings may not total more than 40% of the required credit.

A Program of Study Substitute Form should be filed with the Graduate School to indicate any changes to the Program of Study form after initial submission.