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Coordinated Undergraduate Degree Program (CUDP)

Under this program, partner university students complete courses at their home institution toward their engineering degree, and then¬†transfer to MU for the remainder of the courses necessary to obtain an MU Bachelor’s of Science (BS) Degree in Engineering.

Pre-Application and Admission Requirements

International students who apply to the CUDP must first be nominated by a partner university, which ensures that each CUDP nominee:

  1. Has a letter from the university liaison specifically stating that the student has completed requirements as agreed to below and that the university is fully supportive of the student entering the CUDP between the university and MU;
  2. Has submitted the application form and all documents required for the MU international student;
  3. Has established that course offerings available at MU and the participating academic units (departments) are compatible with her/his academic goals;
  4. Has no disciplinary action pending at the university;
  5. Is eligible to apply for admission to MU.

The MU International Admissions Office determines the academic eligibility of each student nominated by a partner university, and has the right to refuse CUDP students who do not meet the requirements.

Registration and Enrollment Requirements

CUDP students must be registered for a full course load while enrolled at MU. Once a partner university student is offered and accepts admission to the CUDP, MU College of Engineering (CoE) will appoint an advisor to help CUDP students with course selections. Under this Program, CoE will provide appropriate academic programs, student support services, as well as extra-curricular cross-cultural, professional development and social enrichment activities, for admitted international students. The participating academic programs in MU CoE shall provide CUDP students an articulation document containing: (1) university courses that can be transferred to MU, and (2) a study plan showing sequences of MU courses towards obtaining the MU degree. CUDP students are responsible for tuition and all other prescribed student fees, applications fees and their living costs.

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