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What started as two buildings in the late 1800s has led to more than 317,700 square feet across eight expansions. The reputation gained by the building, now known as Thomas and Nell Lafferre Hall (pronounced lăf-frēē), increases the nervousness felt by many freshmen engineering students and first-time building explorers.



Back of 1892 building inside 2009 addition.

The back of the original 1892 building is now an interior feature in the 2009 addition.

Members of the College of Engineering took notice last winter when students took to social media to voice their woes and thought encouraging students to use the hashtag #LostinLafferre could be used to help lost students.

We know about Lafferre Hall’s reputation, and have heard all the jokes — “Engineers designed the building only they know how to get around.” With #LostinLafferre, college staff members and student ambassadors plan to make something positive with building’s reputation, and show students and visitors that there’s more to Lafferre Hall than lots of hallways.




University Archives photo of the original 1892 and 1893 engineering buildings.

(C:0/47/2, Courtesy of University Archives)

Brick-by-Brick: A History of Lafferre Hall

How did Lafferre Hall become Lafferre Hall? Over the course of 122 years, Lafferre Hall has not only seen the growth and advancement of engineering and technology, but also itself. Learn about the history of Mizzou Engineering’s main building — from the first bricks to the latest renovation.

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Thomas and Nell Lafferre

Thomas and Nell Lafferre

What’s in a name: Who are Thomas and Nell Lafferre?

Building namesakes Thomas and Nell Lafferre (pronounced lăf-frēē) made their gift $7 million — the largest in Mizzou Engineering’s history — in 2004 during the university’s “For All We Call Mizzou” campaign, slating their names on building’s exterior. Tom Lafferre graduated from Mizzou in 1956 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

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Lafferre Hall's 2009 addition.

Lafferre Hall’s 2009 addition.

Image gallery: Photos of Lafferre Hall

Photos of Lafferre Hall, including the 1893 tower, the 1991 addition and photos from the Francis Quadrangle.

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How do you say “Lafferre?”

Long known as the “Engineering Building” or “Engineering Building East,” the building received a proper name after the $7 million gift — the largest in Mizzou Engineering’s history — from a 1956 mechanical engineering alumnus and his wife.

Tom and Nell Lafferre (pronounced lăf-frēē) made their gift in 2004 during the university’s “For All We Call Mizzou” campaign, slating their names on building’s exterior. They later were revealed to be the source of an anonymous $5 million additional gift made in 2008 to help the college reach it’s $68 million campaign goal.

Tips for navigating Lafferre Hall

E1419 is located on the first floor of the Lafferre Hall east section, near the accesible entrance.

E1419 is located on the first floor of the Lafferre Hall east section, near the accesible entrance.

  • All Lafferre Hall rooms have 1 letter and 4 numbers (ex: W1025, C3216)
  • The letters in Lafferre Hall rooms designate their cardinal direction in the building; “W” are to the west (toward Sixth Street), “C” in the central, and “E” to the east (toward the Quad).
  • Room number increase as you head south.
  • If your room number says “EBW” and has 3 digits, your classroom is located in Engineering Building West, which is across Sixth Street.
  • Lafferre Hall’s former name was “Engineering Building East.” Some people across campus and alumni still use this name.
  • You CANNOT get to the second or third floors of the east section (civil, mechanical and industrial engineering) from the second floor of the west section (chemical engineering and the Engineering Library). You must go to the first floor, then across.
  • Room E1419 is an auditorium on the first floor of the building’s east section. It is located next to the Quad side accessible entrance and ramp. (See photo)
  • Classrooms W0009 and W0010 are in the lowest level of the building’s west side. These are easiest accessed through the Sixth Street doors. Upon entering the “time capsule,” they are immediately to the right.
  • Lafferre Hall has two elevators. The “surplus elevator” is located in the west section near the Engineering Library. The main elevator is located in the east section by the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department offices.
  • Classroom W1005 is Ketcham Auditorium. This is located directly across from Student Services (W1025) and the staircase leading up to the Engineering Library.