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The University of Missouri requires that all graduates complete a sequence of courses to ensure a liberal education in the areas of humanities and fine arts. 2 tracks are provided in order to satisfy the Humanities/Fine Arts (H/FA) general education requirement within the College of Engineering, and hence MAE. This policy defines those 2 tracks. MAE graduates must complete either of the 2 tracks.

The Conventional Track is for a student to complete 9 college transcripted credit hours spread across at least 2 different departments. A maximum of 3 credit hours taken from the ‘skills’ course subset may be counted towards the H/FA requirement. Allowable classes are specifically identified in the ‘Distribution of Content List’ that is posted on the General Education Program website. ‘Skills’ courses are identified in the ‘Distribution of Content List’ with blue font towards the bottom of the list. It should be noted that NO foreign language course credit is allowed for this track. If 3 of the credit hours are at the 2000+ level, then the Advanced General Education requirement will be satisfied (if a 2000+ level Humanity/Fine Arts course is not taken, then a 2000+ level Behavioral Science/Social Science course must be taken).

The second track is the Foreign Language Track. This track will be satisfied by any student who accumulates AT LEAST 12 college transcripted credit hours in a single foreign language or sign language sequence. Completion of 12 credit hours in a single foreign/sign language sequence will also satisfy the Advanced General Education requirement.