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The MAE Honors Program follows the general rules, regulations, and philosophy of the College of Engineering Honors Program, and as such is intended to encourage, facilitate and reward independent study to high ability undergraduate students.

Undergraduate Honors Project

The heart of the program is an Undergraduate Honors Project, undertaken and completed by the time of graduation while enrolling in a total of 3 or 6 hours of MAE 4995 (Undergraduate Honors Research Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) credit. The academic credit for the Honors Project (i.e., 3 or 6 hrs of MAE 4995) can be used to satisfy an equivalent number of Technical Elective and/or MAE 4001+ hours towards the BSME degree.

The project is conducted under the direction of an MAE professor (Honors Advisor) who is selected by the student, with agreement by the professor. The project culminates in an Honors Thesis, which is read and approved by the Honors Advisor and then approved by Dr. Ming Xin, Chair of the MAE Honors Committee. A finished copy of the Honors Thesis, signed by the Honors Advisor and Second Reader, is required for satisfactory completion of the project.

Academic Qualifications for the Honors Program

Honors students must maintain and graduate with a 3.0 overall GPA. In the case of a transfer student, their transferred credit plus their MU credit will average 3.0/4.0.

If a student pursuing the Honors Program fails to satisfy the 3.0 GPA requirements, the project credit effectively becomes technical elective credit under the heading of MAE 4085 (Problems in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering).

Special Features

The successful Honors Scholar is given a degree of flexibility in their BSME degree program. The Honors Scholar may replace up to 6 credit hours of 4001+ MAE electives with an equivalent number of 7001+ MAE electives. The advantage of taking electives at the 7001+ level is that it gives the Scholar a head start on a graduate degree. Registration for 7001+ courses as an undergraduate will require the Scholar to apply for dual enrollment. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will assist with the application for dual enrollment.

Honors Enrollment Process and Forms

When the academically qualified student determines he/she is interested in considering the Honors Program, he/she should submit an “Intention to Participate” form at the time of pre-registration for MAE 4995. The form is available from the Honors Program Director, Dr. Ming Xin.

Subsequently, the student establishes a work plan with the Honors Advisor that provides sufficient time (2 semesters) for formulation, completion and proper documentation of the Honors Project.


Upon successful completion of the foregoing items, as confirmed by the MAE Honors Committee Chair to the College Honors Committee Chair, the student is designated as an Honors Scholar on both his/her diploma and transcript.

Additionally, the signed copy of the Honors thesis is bound and maintained by the MAE Department.