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Policy on Coursework to Satisfy the Technical Elective Requirement in MAE Curriculum

The MAE curriculum currently requires that a graduate must complete one course worth 3 credits that is designated a Technical Elective. The purpose of this policy is to identify what will constitute satisfactory completion of this elective. It is to be noted that this policy does not identify the requirements for the 3 advanced MAE electives in the curriculum.

A Technical Elective course is one that will be defined as requiring the advanced application of engineering, science, or mathematics art. This generally implies a course that is designated at the 3000 level or higher. This course is also expected to utilize skills developed in introductory and intermediate technical courses (beyond Calculus III, University Physics II, Thermodynamics, Dynamics, Circuit Theory and Strength of Materials).

The Technical Elective in the MAE curriculum may be satisfied by selecting one course from:

  • All 3 credit courses in the College of Engineering above the 3000 level, EXCEPT IMSE 4001, IMSE 4560, IMSE 4750, IMSE 4755H, IMSE 4760, IMSE 4765H, IMSE 4770, IMSE 4775H
  • All 3 credit courses in the Department of Physics and Astronomy above the 3000 level, EXCEPT Physics 3100.
  • All 3 credit courses in the Department of Chemistry above the 3000 level, EXCEPT: Chem 3700, Chem 3800, Chem 3940, and Chem 4270
  • All 3 credit courses in the Department of Mathematics above the 3000 level or Math 2320 EXCEPT Math 4001, Math 4002, Math 4060, Math 4070 and Math 4080.
  • Biological Engineering 3075-Introduction to Materials Engineering

It should be noted that problems courses outside MAE and Co-Op experiences will not count towards the Technical Elective requirement.

To obtain credit for the Technical Elective by taking a course at a university outside MU, the student must request a course equivalence audit by the MAE Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, ideally before taking the course. The auditing process will determine if the proposed course satisfies the MAE requirement.