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Statics and Elementary Strength of Materials (ENGR 1200)

Statics is the study of forces and reactions on non-moving particles and bodies. It’s is a branch of rigid body mechanics that is essential for the analysis and design of structural members, mechanical components and electrical devices that are assumed to be at rest or move at constant velocity.


Class Format

  • Undergraduate course
  • Fully online
  • 3 credit hours

Course Objectives

This course studies the fundamental theory and applications of engineering mechanics.

Students who successfully complete the course will

  • Recognize the way in which simple systems resist forces and moments
  • Be able to simplify a complex force/stress analysis problem down to one that can be analyzed
  • Understand the fundamentals of analysis of mechanical elements and structural members often encountered in engineering practice

Topics Covered

  • Concentrated Forces in 2D & 3D
  • Particle Equilibrium in 2D & 3D
  • Moment of a Force Equivalent Systems of Force
  • Rigid Body Equilibrium in 2D & 3D
  • Truss Analysis: Method of Joints & Method of Section
  • Frames and Machines: Simple & Complex Systems
  • Internal Forces: Shear and Moment Diagrams
  • (Mathematical & Graphical Methods)
  • Centroids and Moment of Inerti
  • Elementary Strength of Material
  • Dry Friction and Wedge

Learning Modules

  • Basic concepts & problem solving videos
  • Reading quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Tests
  • Proctored exams


Research Focus
  • Structures and solid mechanics
  • Composite materials
  • Blast mitigation and design