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Christine Costello Assistant Research Professor



Christine Costello is an assistant research professor with the Bioengineering Department. Her research interests include systems sustainability, specifically the evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions, nutrient flows, water and land use associated with current and potential agricultural systems and management options.

Costello uses life cycle assessment and fate and transport models to link land-based anthropogenic activities to impacts incurred by ecosystems. She is particularly focused on food consumption and the role of human behavior as a driver for agricultural production. Specifically, she uses environmentally-extended input-output life cycle assessment (EE-IO LCA) techniques to evaluate environmental impacts throughout production supply chains the U.S. economy.

She also evaluates biofuels at the systems level using sustainability metrics, e.g., greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient pollution. Similarly, she models how biofuel co-products, e.g., distiller’s grains, impact livestock and human feed/food production and supply chains.

Technical Focus

  • Sustainble Engineering
  • Agricultural Systems
  • Environmental Engineering


  • MS and PhD from Carnegie Mellon University
  • BS from Temple University