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Center for Electromagnetic Interactions Research and Applications

The  Center for Electromagnetic Interactions Research and Applications (CEIRA) is led by C. W. LaPierre Professor Naz E. Islam in Electrical Engineering. CEIRA studies the interactions of Electromagnetic fields with electrical and biological systems. Major experimental units for interaction studies include a semi- anechoic chamber, TEM Cells (MHz to GHz), nano second pulsars and an integrated Near Field Probe system. Simulations software include the industry standard MICROWAVE studio, in-house FDTD code and a volume decomposition technique based propriety code for the analysis of very large electrical systems (CRIPTE), which are used in collaborative studies with AFRL/NM.

Research topics include electromagnetic interactions with:

  • apertures
  • cables
  • seeds
  • plants
  • insects
  • cancerous (prostate and breast cancer) cells

Interaction mechanisms are studied and applied to the detection of embedded objects, including cancerous breast lumps. Research focus also includes the design, fabrication and characterization of antenna and metamaterial lenses used in the interaction studies. A variety of electromagnetic spectrums are used in the studies, specifically the MHz, GHz and THz frequencies.