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Center for High Assurance Computation

The Center for High Assurance Computation is led by Associate Professor Bill Harrison, Computer Science.

We rely heavily on computers. Computer systems are essential components of our national infrastructure, and they are increasingly ubiquitous within our daily lives. But are computers reliable?

Work being done through the center takes aim at making computer systems that are:

  • secure and safe and protect data confidentiality and integrity
  • robust and reliable and do not crash unexpectedly
  • correct, producing valid data

High assurance computing seeks principles, techniques and methodologies for establishing that computing systems meet our expectations.

Two years ago, the University of Missouri was recognized as Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAE) by the National Security Agency. MU has now proceeded to the next level with the creation of the MU Center for High Assurance Computation (CHACO); the high level goals for the center fall into several categories. This center serves as the focal point for research and education in information security and assurance at the University of Missouri with the goal of fostering collaboration with U.S. federal research laboratories, the U.S. Department of Defense and the intelligence community.