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Midwest Energy Efficiency Research Consortium

Midwest Energy Efficiency Research Consortium, led by Associate Research Professor Robert Reed. Several MU interdisciplinary energy efficiency programs join together in this center’s efforts to help weave energy efficiency into the fabric of the Midwest. Efforts include industry partners and a primary goal of the center is to develop academic courses and training programs to advance the comprehension, proficiency and development of energy efficient technologies.

It is focused on:

  • disseminating  information on the value of energy efficiency (EE) to all sectors of the economy
  • partnering with regional companies and agencies to make academic courses and training programs available to students, businesses, professionals, and design, construction and operations agencies.
  • working with industry and government agencies to advance development and applications of energy efficiency technologies

MEERC will be a consortium of 6 existing EE programs on campus, with two of the programs added each year:

  • Energy Efficiency Training Partnership
  • High Performance Building Center
  • Energy Solutions and Service Center
  • Agricultural EE Center
  • Low Energy Heating and Cooling Center
  • EE in Water and Wastewater Center