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The National Security Innovation Center

The National Security Innovation Center (NSIC) is led by Annette Sobel, assistant to the provost for strategic opportunities with adjunct professorial appointments in electrical and computer engineering and family & community medicine. Sobel is a physician, human factors engineer and combat veteran.

A safe and secure community is the expectation of all Missourians. This hope is shared by global communities. But,

  • Are our communities safe and secure?
  • Is our water and food supply safe?
  • Are our public buildings immune to emerging infectious diseases?
  • Is our cyber-infrastructure reliable?
  • Are our first responders and educated and equipped to survive the disasters posed by unconventional threats?
  • Are our communities and schools resilient to the fears due to terrorism?

These are only a few questions being asked and addressed at NSIC. The work being done at the center is focused upon—

  1. Understanding current day threats to society and developing engineered solutions to enhance early recognition and response to these threats;
  2. Creating a think tank environment to promote cross-disciplinary solutions to national security challenges through demonstration projects and international meetings;
  3. Educating students through applied engineering solutions to real-world military and civilian problems;
  4. Promoting global partnerships and economic opportunities with collaborators in defense and global security.

Recognized internationally as a leader in interdisciplinary research, the University of Missouri is committed to supporting its land grant mission to improve and enhance the lives of all Missourians. This commitment supports the sustainability of safe, secure communities on a global scale.

The National Security Innovation Center has received funding from the U.S. Department of Defense, Leonard Wood Institute, Kansas City Life Sciences Center and Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

For more information contact Center Coordinator Beth Fisher at or 573-884-4306.