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The Center for Urban Safety

The Center for Urban Safety is led by Associate Professor Ye DuanComputer Science.

The work conducted at this center involves research and development toward the maintenance, planning and creation of safe, sustainable and environment-friendly urban cities.

Research involves the development of software/hardware systems that can monitor, predict and mitigate impacts on urban systems caused by natural and man-made disasters:

  • earthquakes
  • flooding
  • tsunamis
  • tornadoes
  • hurricanes
  • volcanic eruptions
  • forest fires
  • landslides
  • man-made environmental destruction accidents
  • chemical, biological, radio and nuclear terrorist attacks

Also developed are advanced signal processing methods and hardware systems for damage inspection, integrity estimation, life prediction and continuous monitoring of disaster-attacked urban hardware systems.

The impacts of disasters on urban society are studied and various disaster management schemes are to be provided that can be put into effect immediately after or during the recovery after a disaster.