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Scholarship Response Form

This form must be completed in order to claim a MU College of Engineering Scholarship.

  • To be eligible, students will be required to follow a College of Engineering program each semester. A College of Engineering program is defined as the following:
    • At least one required math or statistics course in the student’s program of study. (An exception to the math requirement will be made in the first semester of a program if a student is required to take Math 1100 or Math 1160.)
    • A minimum of three credit hours in physics, chemistry, or engineering, in any combination. Courses must count toward the student’s degree program.
    • For students who have completed the math and statistics requirements, a College of Engineering program is defined as two or more science or engineering courses per semester
  • Write a thank-you note acknowledging the sponsor of the scholarship. (You will be notified of donor information once the fall semester begins.)
  • Attend the scholarship dinner if my donor attends. (This dinner will be held in the fall.)
  • I grant the College of Engineering permission to inform the donor of my scholarship with my name, hometown, grade level, and dollar amount awarded.
  • I also grant permission to allow my name to be displayed in the College of Engineering Scholarship Display Case and pictures to be taken and published in official College of Engineering and University publications.