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Expectations for Scholarships

Unless specifically stated otherwise, College of Engineering scholarships cannot be combined with other College of Engineering scholarships.

Tuition costs associated with earning a degree from Mizzou engineering can be offset with scholarships. More than 660 Mizzou engineering students received nearly $4 million in scholarship awards, including University of Missouri funds, in the current academic year. College of Engineering named scholarships totaled just less than $1 million. Scholarships are provided by generous companies, alumni and friends of the college and play an important role for recruiting and retaining our students who will become the engineers and leaders of the future.

To qualify for a College of Engineering scholarship students must:

  • Be accepted to the University of Missouri
  • Complete the online Student Financial Aid application
  • Meet the academic requirement
  • Meet the scholarship-specific criteria

Scholarship Committee

The College of Engineering Scholarship Committee is responsible for making scholarship assignments on behalf of the Dean of the College of Engineering and in accordance to the requirements set forth by each specific scholarship endowment. The committee is represented by a member from each of the departments within the College of Engineering.

Scholarship Dinner

Annually, the College of Engineering hosts the prestigious scholarship dinner. This dinner serves a dual purpose: it provides an opportunity for our generous donors to meet the students whom they are supporting, and it affords the student recipients the occasion to personally thank their donors for their financial support.

Maintaining Scholarships

To maintain a scholarship administered through the College of Engineering Scholarship Committee, students must meet the following requirements in each semester in which they receive a scholarship payment

  1. The student must be enrolled full time in the College of Engineering with the College of Engineering specified as the primary unit. In addition, the student must complete 28 hours per academic year.
    1. Only fall and spring semesters are considered. (A student cannot make up the hours in the summer semesters.)
    2. Students on co-op for a semester must complete at least 14 hours during the semester enrolled on campus.
    3. Students taking independent study courses must complete the courses by the end of the spring semester of the particular academic year.
  2. A student who transfers from the College of Engineering prior to the end of a semester, in which they receive a payment, will have that payment and their scholarship rescinded. A student who drops below 12 hours for a semester may also have his or her scholarship rescinded, upon review by committee.
  3. The student must be in good academic standing. In other words, a student who is on academic probation is not eligible to receive a scholarship or a scholarship payment.
  4. The student must follow a College of Engineering program. For freshmen and sophomores, a College of Engineering program is defined as the following:
    1. At least 1 required math or statistics course in the student’s program of study.  (An exception to the math requirement will be made in the first semester of a program if a student is required to take Math 1100 or Math 1160.)
    2. A minimum of 3 credit hours in physics, chemistry, or engineering, in any combination.  Courses must count towards the student’s degree program.
    3. For students who have completed the math and statistics requirements, then a College of Engineering program is defined as 2 or more courses from.
  5. A student who starts a semester satisfying the requirements of an engineering curriculum must notify the committee if he or she subsequently drops any of the required engineering components. The committee will then decide whether to rescind the scholarship.  Students who fail to notify the committee will have the scholarship rescinded.

In addition to College of Engineering scholarships administered through the College of Engineering Scholarship Committee, individual academic departments administer (with the College of Engineering Scholarship Committee oversight) department-level scholarships for students majoring in their respective academic disciplines. To maintain a department-level scholarship, a student must, in each semester, follow the criteria set forth by the scholarship-granting department. That is, students who transfer between departments within the College of Engineering are subject to having their department-level scholarships rescinded.

No advisor may release a student from these requirements, but the College of Engineering Scholarship Committee reserves the right to consider special circumstances.

Renewal Application Form

  • After your freshman year, to be eligible for a College of Engineering departmental scholarship, you must apply online at Student Financial Aid.
  • To renew scholarships, a new Student Financial Aid online application must be completed no later than February 1st each year.