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How to Join a Team

Start showing up.

The best way to join a team is to find out when they’re meeting (typically posted on their Facebook wall) and keep showing up. (BTW: Student teams and orgs are almost always open to freshmen).

No Instruction Manual

There aren’t step by step instructions for building an experimental hydrogen car, or for adjusting the suspension for a Formula SAE racer. As a part of the team, you write the book on the subject at Mizzou.

“Interdisciplinary” isn’t a buzzword at Mizzou

Teams are like small businesses in many ways, and can display a range of majors outside of engineering including journalism, art, and business.

Real World Ahead

Getting involved is a whole lot more than padding your resume:

  • Learn by doing— You’ll become a genuinely better engineer by facing the real world on the road, in the water, and up in the skies.
  • You’ll become more attractive to employers who are looking for team players.
  • In addition you’ll make bonds and develop contacts with your fellow students and interact as a true team.

What to expect

You’ve got what it takes to be a meaningful part of any team, but the first time you attend a meeting, it’s easy to get discouraged by the fact that you’re not immediately selected to be the team’s lead engineer …

Sorry, but you may need to stick around for a few meetings before you’re able to substantially participate on a project.

But once you are responsible for getting things done, you’re entering a rewarding journey that will likely demand the sacrifice of some late nights and some spring breaks; but it’s going to be worth it.

So join up, attend some meetings, and make a difference to the team.