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Drinking Water

Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the need for assistance to small drinking water systems was recognized. New federal regulations will greatly impact small communities, most without the resources to respond. Currently eight centers have been funded through EPA. Missouri’s Center is unique in that it is technology based. The Center works with industry, small communities, and MDNR in evaluating drinking water treatment systems. In addition, the Center is in a position to help new companies and many small Missouri industries to develop and enhance their current technologies.

Project Highlights

For the past 9 years the center has accumulated a great deal of data and information about water treatment technologies. The Center now is in the process of creating fact sheets on this information that will be useful for plant operators, utility managers and consultants. The following is a draft of what we are planning for Disinfection By-Products.

  • Basic Chemistry of Disinfection By-Product Formation
  • Oxidant/Disinfectants Basics
  • Types of DBP’s
  • Formation of DBP’s
  • DBP Regulatory Limits
  • DBP Analyses
  • CT Analysis
  • Control Methods
  • Control Method Selection
    • Working with Department of Natural Resources Director on the possibility of having Extension provide training for water and wastewater board training for public board’s of directors.
    • Initiated a program to work with utilities that Department of Natural Resources has identified are not in compliance and need assistance.  We are currently working with Booneville and Sedalia plants in Missouri.
    • As part of our involvement with TACNET we participate in various National Trade Shows to exhibit the technology transfer documents and products available to small systems.
    • Update on Brief and Highlights Newsletter for MOTAC.

Water Reuse Projects (PDF)