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Renewable Energy

The Institute for Energy Technologies (ENTECH) is the Missouri Water Resources Research Center’s energy program.  Its goal is to utilize advanced renewable energy technologies to enhance the quality of life world-wide while creating economic opportunities and maintaining environmental sustainability.

Key to ENTECH’s success is the partnership of the University of Missouri with U.S. industries.  ENTECH‘s technical transfer and training programs are unique in that they combine current U.S. state-of-the-art industry application expertise with U.S. university faculty advanced education principles.

Cost reduction through energy efficiency is an important aspect of our program.  ENTECH has a variety of student internships and service programs and cooperates with other MU Colleges to support advancements in energy efficiency.  This includes programs in agriculture, water supply and wastewater systems, stormwater, and energy assessments at various industries in Missouri.

ENTECH has just begun a project to retrofit two poultry farms with solar assisted ground source heat pumps.  This project will demonstrate the ability of these combined technologies to be affordable, reduce utility bills, provide better environmental protection and assist farmers in reducing their risk in this farming business.