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Women in Engineering Center Office
W1025 Lafferre Hall
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Student office hours available daily

College of Engineering Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs)

The College of Engineering offers 12 Freshmen Interest Groups (FIGs) for students. FIGs are groups of 15 to 20 students who live, study and attend classes together in order to form small communities. See a list of all MU FIGs here.

FIG students are co-enrolled in a combination of three classes which include math, humanities, and/or social, behavioral classes. Students also attend a one credit weekly seminar class. Upperclassmen and faculty or staff mentors lead each FIG, providing an opportunity to develop connections and support in engineering studies.

Women students are specifically invited to join the Women in the STEM Fields FIG. This FIG provides a small community for freshman women in engineering. Students in this FIG take College Chemistry I with Lab, Calculus I/II, General Psychology and FIG Seminar Class and live together in Hudson Hall.

Students may also choose to live in either General Learning Communities (GLCs) or Thematic Learning Communities (TLCs). GLCs and TLCs allow students to build community and live in the same building with other engineering students without taking classes with a group of students.

FIGs, GLCs and TLCs all provide an opportunity to find friends, tutors, mentors and general support on campus. These groups help students build small communities at Mizzou that help make the first semester and first year in college less overwhelming and more comfortable.

Women in Engineering Leadership Course ENGR 2010

The Women in Engineering Leadership Course is focused on leadership development and leadership in engineering. Through experiential learning, empowering examples, group discussion, written reflections, attendance at three conferences, one retreat and completion of two short papers and one major project, students develop the self-knowledge and skills to practice leadership for a changing world. Students explore leadership potential and learn to make a difference through leadership in the course. Students work throughout the semester both individually and in teams to produce a final project that shows how leadership in engineering can impact the world. The course is recommended for first year students and transfer students. Enroll on myZou.