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Mizzou formula car team retains its top 20 standing

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Mizzou formula car team retains its top 20 standing

From the left, Mizzou formula car team Leader Eric Attebery joins teammates Matthew Beaty and Ryan Strode to move MU's race car at the SAE Formula Competition's track in Romeo, Mich. Photo by Marty Walker

MU’s formula car racers finished 19th out of 121 teams in this year’s Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Formula Competition, earning a presentation award as they defended the team’s high overall ranking.

The Mizzou team’s finish in the annual competition held May 17 through May 21 in Romeo, Mich. is similar to last year’s top 20 ranking. But this is the first year Mizzou has received the top score in SAE’s “presentation” category and thereby won a $500 Yazaki North America Presentation Award for its business and marketing plans, team advisor Marty Walker said.

“It really is an encapsulation of the vehicle in a paper format,” Walker said.

RMIT University won first place in the overall competition, while Penn State University took second place and the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor won third place honors, according to competition results posted on the SAE Web site.

Mizzou’s rank in the competition’s top 15 percent reflected strong performances in a handful of contest categories. Along with the top honors it earned for presentation, MU’s formula car team took third place in the competition’s “skid pad” category and fifth in its acceleration test.

Design changes, including the substitution of aluminum for steel in several car areas, lightened the car’s weight and helped increase its speed, said outgoing team Leader Eric Attebery, who graduated this month with a degree in mechanical engineering.

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