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“Summer Welcome” paves the way for success in the fall

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“Summer Welcome” paves the way for success in the fall

Summer school for new College of Engineering students isn’t just for academic stalwarts.

The series of two–day “Summer Welcome” sessions that the college is sponsoring through July 13 does aim to give students a head start on academic housekeeping chores before fall classes begin. But Summer Welcome is designed to reduce—rather than jump start—school–time stress by easing students’ transition into university life.

“It’s intended to take all that pressure off,” said Christa Weisbrook, the engineering college’s assistant dean for academic programs.

The entire campus participates in Summer Welcome, combining a general MU orientation with more specific guidance from each student’s academic major program. Incoming transfer and freshman students attend separate sessions, learning how to find their way around campus and acquiring such MU necessities as identification cards and classroom texts.

Summer Welcome attendees also receive advice grounded in experience.

Be prepared for central Missouri’s summer heat and humidity, recommends the MU Summer Welcome Web site. The CoE’s Weisbrook urged students at a June 8 session to find a “study buddy.”

“Find people who take their studies seriously, because you’re going to have to work hard,” Weisbrook said.

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