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Dominic Ho’s research receives U.S. Army recognition

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Dominic Ho’s research receives U.S. Army recognition

Mizzou Engineering Associate Professor Dominic Ho's research has received special recognition from the U.S. Army.

Dominic Ho, a University of Missouri associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, has been recognized by a U.S. Army official for his work on developing a remote–controlled landmine detector.

Ho has been working for several years with the Army, private defense contractors and researchers from the University of Florida and Duke University to come up with more sensitive and safer landmine detectors. Ho’s research into ground–penetrating radar has made possible the development of vehicle–based landmine detectors, wrote Richard Weaver, director of the Army’s countermine division, in an April 2 letter to MU Chancellor Brady Deaton.

“Professor Ho’s work on spectral features combined with his efforts on fusion provided a significant boost in system performance,” wrote Weaver, adding, “Throughout this effort, Professor Ho was very innovative, thoroughly professional, and extremely cooperative. Without his efforts, this important national program could not have succeeded.”

Ho said he looks forward to continuing his work on the vehicle–based landmine detectors, which will run by remote control.

“This is just the initial stage,” Ho said. “We’ll continue to try to improve the performance.”

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