Taking the bite out of dentistry

Dental phobias could soon lose much of their bite if a Mizzou Engineering research team succeeds in its efforts to develop a low-temperature plasma brush that could replace conventional dentist drills. Qingsong Yu and Hao Li, assistant professors in mechanical and aerospace engineering, are leading a multicampus university research team that has received a $270,000 […]

Building better lives by design

For more than 10 years, Columbia resident Mel West has worked to build hand-cranked wheelchairs for disabled people in need throughout the world. West has helped mwisore than 13,000 people who othere would be immobilized through Personal Energy Transportation (PET), a faith-based nonprofit organization he founded and directs that is dedicated to providing mobility for […]

Welcoming young engineers on campus

High school upper classmen are invited to join Mizzou Engineering for a weekend of campus life this fall. The Engineering Student Council has sponsored the weekend for several years to introduce high school juniors and seniors to engineering and its disciplines. With students making college decisions earlier than ever in the school year, council members […]

Formula car team shifts gears

Fueled by a disappointing season, the MU formula car team is changing direction to add both depth and competition time to the student organization. The Mizzou team’s plans to compete in the 2007 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Formula Car West race in California came to a sudden stop last June when a malfunctioning cable […]

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