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Engineering Alumni Association Ups Scholarship Awards

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Engineering Alumni Association Ups Scholarship Awards

Shown here at the Mizzou Engineering scholarship dinner in early November is MUEAO President, Gregg Duggan-center front-with eight of 13 students who received 2007-2008 academic year scholarships from the Engineering Alumni Association. Left to right, back row are Lee Stevens, Christopher Lupo, Andrew Stouffer, and Zachery Steffens. In the front row are Kris Klinkerman, Douglas Link, Dougan, James Patneau, and Michael Ringkamp.

No one knows better than someone who’s been there what a big difference a scholarship can make in the education of a talented college student with limited finances.

MUEAO, the University of Missouri College of Engineering’s Alumni Organization — made up of people who understand — annually funds a Mizzou Engineering undergraduate scholarship with earnings from its scholarship account. But this year the organization released $19,000 for multiple scholarship awards.

“We discussed the additional funding at one of our meetings,” said MUEAO President Gregg Dougan. “We all agreed how important it is to recognize and reward academic achievement, especially where there is financial need.”

Mizzou Engineering’s scholarship committee made recommendations based on those criteria, and thirteen sophomores, juniors and seniors received MUEAO funding, including Lee Stevens, a third year chemical engineering major.

“It was so important to me and to my family that I received this scholarship,” said Stevens. “I am grateful to the alumni association for awarding scholarships to students like me. It does not go unappreciated.”

Thanks to the generosity of individuals and organizations, Mizzou Engineering was able to provide 665 undergraduates with scholarships for the 2007-2008 academic year, totaling $984,600, a 9.3 percent increase from last year.

Also receiving MUEAO scholarships are Russell Borduin, Benjamin Yi, Seth Gundy, James Bunch, Karen Blaha, Andrew Stauffer, James Patneau, Douglas Link, Kris Klinkerman, Zachery Steffens, Christopher Lupo, and Michael Ringkamp.

In addition to scholarship funding, MUEAO sponsors True Tiger Mizzou Alumni Association memberships for each of the Engineer’s Week king and queen candidates. The group also honors an outstanding alumnus each year at a luncheon during E-week. MUEAO’s Citation of Merit award is presented to a Mizzou Engineering graduate for outstanding achievement and meritorious service in engineering.

If you would like more information about MUEAO or would like to get involved call the Mizzou Engineering Advancement Office at 573-882-2099, or e-mail umcengdev@missouri.edu.

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