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Student team wins $11,000 for Adobe AIR platform application

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Student team wins $11,000 for Adobe AIR platform application

Last summer, the Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) teamed up with Adobe Systems and asked students to submit ideas for ways to help news organizations deliver news and advertising and to ease the two-way conversation with their consumers. Proposed projects would use the new Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) platform for desktop applications.

Judges selected three out of an original 11 teams of journalism, business and computer science students, and RJI provided each with up to $5,000 for expenses for research, development and testing. Adobe provided access to AIR experts and technical support.

The team that won the $10,000 prize, plus an additional $1,000 viewer’s choice award—Team Wallowr—is made up of four students enrolled in Mizzou Engineering’s information technology program.

The application, Wallowr, streamlines popular social networks and their features, plus local and national news feeds, into one user-friendly desktop application with access to news, messages from friends and “friend” requests from all of the various social networking sites in one place.

Wallowr’s functions allow for ease of sharing files, converting video and other files into a usable format, keeping up with personal information, and more. Media outlets may choose a “premium members” option and local and national news organizations—plus bloggers and other sources—can have profiles in Wallowr where they can present their own news to users.

Other Mizzou Engineering students who were finalists in the competition are Ian Graves, senior, computer science; Brian Grinstead, senior, computer science and information technology; and Chad Godsey, senior, computer science and information technology.

For more information about the competition and the winning team, visit the Reynolds Journalism Institute website at rji.missouri.edu.

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