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Pattarkine named CTO of OriginOil

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Pattarkine named CTO of OriginOil

Adjunct University of Missouri Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering Vikram Pattarkine has been appointed chief technology officer of OriginOil. The company is working on technology to transform algae, a promising source of renewable oil, into a true competitor to petroleum.

Pattarkine’s career spans more than 25 years as a chemical-environmental engineer, with expertise in processes related to waste treatment, nutrient management, water quality and renewable energy.  He holds a doctorate in environmental engineering from Virginia Tech and Master of Technology in chemical engineering from Nagpur University, India.

Patterkine serves on a variety of committees, including the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee of the Chesapeake Bay Program and the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Design Committee of the Water Environment Federation. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed papers, contributed textbook and manual chapters, and made technical presentations at conferences worldwide.

A company news release about his appointment may be viewed at:

OriginOil Appoints Dr. Vikram M. Pattarkine Chief Technology Officer

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