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Update: Lafferre Hall Addition

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Update: Lafferre Hall Addition

Marty Walker, director of administrative services for the College of Engineering prepared the following answers to some of the most often asked questions about Lafferre Hall’s construction project. You may reach him at WalkerMW@missouri.edu if you have additional questions.

Q.When will the new building be completed?

A. The building is scheduled for completion and turn over to the College of Engineering on June 10, 2009 and will be ready for the 2009 fall semester.

Q.Will there be classrooms in the new building?

A. There will be six new classrooms in the new addition; two in the new building and four in the renovated portion of the 1892 Civil Engineering wing. Capacities will range from 40 to 80 students.

Q.What will the new addition contain?

A. The first floor will be devoted exclusively to undergraduate use and contain two large classrooms.  Lex Akers, associate dean of students, has worked tirelessly to ensure that this area is a state of the art learning area. All furniture, demonstrations modules, and general equipment will be new.  The second floor will house most of the Civil Engineering labs and some faculty offices, while the third floor will be the new home to some MAE Department labs and a few faculty offices.

Q.Will parking be restored to the south side of the building after the construction work has been completed?

A. In the past this area was devoted to parking for student and campus vehicles. When finished, two-thirds of the area will be a pedestrian plaza containing seating, trees and shrubs.  The area near Sixth Street will contain parking for campus vehicles only.

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