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Missouri Engineering Student Council honors library staff

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Missouri Engineering Student Council honors library staff

Head Librarian Judy Maseles accepts the honorary award for exceptional service to University of Missouri Engineering students and staff from MESC President Kristen Bruffett at the 2008 Engineering Convocation on Dec. 20.

Hard work does not go unappreciated.

The Missouri Engineering Student Council (MESC) recently honored librarians and staff of the Engineering Library and Technology Commons for taking the extra step to help students. Head librarian Judy Maseles, and library assistants Michelle Baggett and Nora Tamm, were recognized with an award for their “exceptional professional services to the students of the University of Missouri College of Engineering.”

Baggett said she really enjoys the small-scale atmosphere at the Engineering Library.

“It’s nice because you get to know the students more personally. You see them every day and not only do we help them when they need assistance, but the students help each other. It’s very family-oriented,” Baggett said.

The MESC selects a department/area in the College of Engineering each semester and recognizes staff members for exceptional service and generosity toward students.

MESC President Kristen Bruffett said she really enjoys the opportunity to recognize the people who keep things going.

“Everyone works hard and oftentimes it goes unnoticed or unrecognized,” Bruffett said.

Bruffett is a frequent visitor to the library and said staff members are always helpful.

“I’m so glad we have our own library. A lot of students utilize the library for the computers, study groups and club meetings. Ellis is always crowded so it is nice to have a place to go,” Bruffett said.

The Engineering library has assisted students since 1992 providing library services, resource training, specific engineering research and information assistance to the college’s 2,400-plus students and 300 faculty and staff.

“It’s nice to be acknowledged by the people we serve,” Maseles said.

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