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Katie Tepper first MU student to win Alpha Pi Mu award

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Katie Tepper first MU student to win Alpha Pi Mu award

Senior Industrial Engineering student Katie Tepper was awarded the Alpha Pi Mu scholarship for 2009.

When Katie Tepper filled out the application for an Alpha Pi Mu scholarship award last November, she had no idea that, should she win, she would be first Mizzou student to be receive the award. Tepper, who has been a member of the honor society since April 2008, decided to apply for the award after Mizzou chapter executive board members sent an e-mail notifying the group of the opportunity.

“Each section could submit a limited amount of applications depending upon their chapter size. Our section could submit two applications and I was one of them,” Tepper said. “I didn’t really think I would win,” she added.

Tepper said the application process involved a brief essay in which students had to describe how they have contributed to Alpha Pi Mu. Tepper wrote about her volunteer experiences during the Industrial Engineering 50th Anniversary.

“I helped give campus tours to alums and met a lot of really interesting people,” Tepper said.

She also wrote about her opportunity to introduce the first Mizzou graduate from the Industrial Engineering masters program at the anniversary banquet.

“He accomplished so much and told us all that the most important thing to achieve is to get your degree,” Tepper said.

Tepper was one of eight people across the nation selected to receive the $500 Alpha Pi Mu scholarships.

“It was an honor to be selected,” Tepper said.

According to Jean Dryden, Executive Secretary of the honor society, the group has been awarding students with scholarship funds for 23 years.

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