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Smithey gives Ada Wilson Lecture

For the third consecutive year, the University of Missouri’s student chapter of Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has hosted an MU Engineering alumna as a guest lecturer for their annual Engineers’ Week Green Tea. Sheri Smithey, manager – process engineering for Nestle Purina PetCare PTC gave the third annual Ada Wilson guest lecture on March […]

Extensive MU engineering research funded by DoD

A hefty chunk of research funding within the University of Missouri’s College of Engineering comes from the Department of Defense (DoD). Active awards — as of September 2008 — amounted to more than $12 million. “We have expertise that the Department of the Defense needs to improve capabilities and better protect the war fighter,” Sam […]

MU Center for Veteran’s Success finds temporary home with engineering

Soldiers returning to civilian lives increasingly find themselves faced with a new foe: unemployment. An economist with the U.S. Department of Labor recently placed the jobless rate for veterans returning stateside from the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq at 11.2 percent — one in nine soldiers, or approximately 170,000 men and women — compared to […]

High assurance security work offers job security

As a kid growing up in Ballwin, Mo., Jon Rolf thought he might like to be an eye doctor or a dentist when he grew up, until one day it dawned on him that the profession might involve cutting — as in a razor sharp instrument on human flesh. He looked for new inspiration. “Personal […]

Class of 2003

In 2003, the first preemptive war in United States history was launched, Martha Stewart was indicted on nine charges of obstruction of justice and securities fraud, NBC’s “West Wing” took the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series, Norah Jones’ “Come Away with Me” won the Grammy for Best Album and the Florida Marlins defeated the […]

Michael Devaney retires after 40 years

For 40 years Michael Devaney has been imparting his seemingly endless knowledge upon University of Missouri students and staff in the College of Engineering. So deep is his well of knowledge that colleagues have been known to refer to him as a “human encyclopedia.” Devaney, who has been a strong and active contributor to the […]

NSF Career Awards

Dmitry Korkin A computational approach to study molecular mimicry in host-pathogen interactions Certain that too much time had elapsed since applying for an NSF CAREER award, Dmitry Korkin had all but given up hope that his proposal would be funded. The MU assistant professor of computer science in the College of Engineering had heard that […]

Collaborative research sheds light on fear circuits and cocaine addiction

Electrochemical communications in the human brain, responsible for all mental and physical functions, occur at synaptic connections between brain cells, also known as neurons. Upward of 30 thousand of a human’s 100 billion neurons will fit on the head of a pin, and each one of those cells may potentially make as many as 200 […]

Engineering students show app-titude in RJI Student Apple iPhone competition

Searching for a senior capstone project, three University of Missouri computer science seniors honed in on an Apple iPhone student competition sponsored by MU’s Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) in cooperation with Apple Inc. and AT&T. Besides earning class credit for designing, testing and marketing an iPhone application (app) that would “improve the practice and business […]

MU Biodesign and Innovation Program: Medical design from need to market

If you were to hear that Brad Snow, a University of Missouri doctoral candidate in mechanical engineering, won a student design competition with his “wall warper,” chances are you wouldn’t guess that the device was designed to alleviate a distal aorta blockage in the human abdomen. Snow’s warper took top honors in MU’s Biodesign and […]

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